fixed belt conveyor

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Belt conveyors are the most economical way to transport bulk materials over short and long distances. Belt conveyors use belts to transport material and can have one or more feed zones. Bulk material is transported along the belt and belt grooves, baffles or side walls can be provided. Belt conveyors are ideal for conveying granular bulk materials.




Belt conveyor, also known as rubber conveyor belt which is widely used in metallurgy,coal,mining,power plants, construction industry,potash and salt mining,stones and earth,chemical industry,recycling industry,agriculture and other departments.

Customezied Professional High efficiency scoria rubber belt conveyor machine could also be design and produced.

High efficiency scoria rubber belt conveyor machine  suitable for conveying bulk density,easy to extract powder, granular, aggregate,can be used in the ambient temperature range of -20 ° C to + 40 ° C with a feed temperature of less than 60 ° C.


High efficiency scoria rubber belt conveyor machine application
Long distance loose bulk material conveyor machine, loose bulk material belt conveyor widely used for transferring bulk materials or manufactured products in mining, construction, metallurgical industries and other industries, for example, when coal, mineral ores, rock stones are crushed and some other products are packaged, our belt conveyors can be used to transport them.

1, long transmission distance;
2, a strong transmission capacity;
3, simple structure, less investment in infrastructure, low operating costs;
4, the transmission line can be horizontally, tilted or horizontally, vertically bent, and therefore subject to terrain conditions;
5, simple operation, safe and reliable, easy to achieve automatic control.

Professional bulk material conveyor with low price  with a strong transport capacity, transport distance, simple and easy to maintain, can easily implement the program control and automation operations. The use of conveyor belt continuous or intermittent movement to transport 100KG the following items or powder, granular objects, the operation of high-speed, smooth, low noise, and can be downhill transmission.