Heavy Duty Apron Plate Feeder traction chain (chip chain)

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Apron feeder is a continuous transportation machine widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal chemical industry, port and industrial and mining enterprises. As a main storage silo or hopper into the crusher, rotary batching apparatus or transport equipment, continuous and uniform supply and bulk material transport all kinds of bulk weight and abrasion of. It is one of the important and necessary equipment in the processing and continuous production process of ore and raw materials.

1), traction chain (chip chain), the impact of the chip chain, stable operation, reliable work.

2), bottom bearing member light plate feeder, by bolts or welding and traction components are connected together.

3) frame

A light plate feeder with a head wheel device rack, rear wheel device frame, the middle frame, concave arc bracket and convex arc bracket.

tensioning device

Screw tensioning device is light plate feeder common tension form.

5) driving device

The light plate feeder speed is low, the integrated transmission mechanism in addition to the general configuration such as reducer, gear reducer and other transmission equipment open form.

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