Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyor Systems for Rock, Sand, Dirt

We are a professional belt conveyor manufacturer in China, our equipment has been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries.

Our conveying equipment is mainly used in mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, mainly sh heavy-duty belt conveyor, portable mobile conveyor, screw conveyor.

Our belt conveyor systems are ideal for transporting a wide variety of bulk materials economically over both short and long distances.


Available from stock in pre-engineered models or custom designed to fit your needs, we offer stationary transfer conveyors and portable conveyors developed for quick set-up and mobility.


Our conveyors are designed for multiple applications, including:

  • loading and unloading trucks, railcars, and shipping vessels;
  • radial stackers for increased stockpiling capacities;
  • overland conveyors for long distance to replace trucks;
  • feeding raw materials that require extra heavy-duty construction;
  • and, simply conveying materials from point A to point B.

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