How does the double shaft screw conveyor work

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The double-shaft screw conveyor is based on the ordinary screw conveyor. Two screw shafts are installed on the fuselage. When working, the two screw shafts run together, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. Next, I will introduce the double shaft in detail to you. How shaft screw conveyors work:
1. Working principle of double shaft screw conveyor
The tube body of the double-shaft screw conveyor is wider than that of the single-shaft screw conveyor. There are two screw shafts in the tube body. During the mechanical operation, one screw shaft rotates to the left, and the other rotates to the right. It will promote the movement of the material and push the material from the inlet to the outlet, so as to complete the continuous transportation of the material. Due to the continuous cross rotation of the two helical blades, the material conveying will be cleaner.
2. Working advantages of double shaft screw conveyor
The double-shaft screw conveyor does not block material when working, has large conveying capacity, no pollution, and has good overall performance. The reverse rotation of the two helical blades can avoid material jamming, especially suitable for materials with poor flow performance, large pieces or materials that need to be stirred. In addition, the double-shaft screw conveyor also has the functions of mixing, stirring and crushing in the process of transporting materials. The equipment adopts a sealed design, material residue, water or odor will not overflow from the casing during the mechanical operation, and will not pollute the surrounding environment.