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JL type rigid impeller feeder is use the rotation of the impeller with standard room, transferred the powder and small granular material from the top storage bin or hopper to the discharge port of the bottom , to achieve uniform feed or variable speed feed. It achieve uniform feed when this machine constant speed. If use a variable speed motors, the machine to achieve the adjust the feeding quantity pass to adjust and change the impeller speed at any time.


Main Application:

JL rigid impeller feeder widely used in cement, building materials, mining, iron and steel industries.

Impeller feeder is commonly known as star feeder, shut-off fan, air lock, rotary feeder, rotary valve, etc. it is composed of rotor with several blades, shell, seal, motor, reducer, etc. When the rotor rotates in the cylindrical shell, the materials falling from the upper hopper by the self weight are filled in the space between the blades and discharged with the rotation of the rotor to the lower part, so as to realize the uniform and continuous transportation of materials.

Impeller feeder is the key equipment in the pneumatic conveying system. The impeller feeder can supply materials to the conveying pipe uniformly and continuously. The impeller feeder is very suitable for the positive and negative pressure pneumatic conveying system, pulse dust removal equipment, precision feeding and other occasions The impeller feeder has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful shape, good air lock performance, stable operation, even blanking, light and energy saving, which can play the role of feeding and locking the air flow. Because of the low speed rotation of the rotor and the small gap between the rotor and the inner cavity of the shell, it can effectively prevent the reverse flow of air flow, thus ensuring the stability of air pressure in the system and the normal discharge of materials.

According to the different characteristics, uses and use conditions of materials, impeller feeder has a variety of structural types. Its selection depends on the characteristics of the transported materials, such as particle size, adhesiveness, temperature, humidity, etc.

JL rigid impeller feeder has feeding uniform, compact structure, good sealing performance and other significant advantages.


Model JL200 JL300 JL400 JL500 JL630 JL1000
Impeller size(mm) 200×200 300×300 400×400 500×500 630×600 1000×1000
Displacement per revolution(m3/r·p·m) 0.005 0.018 0.045 0.05 0.09 0.11
Impeller speed(r·p·m) 10 19 19 25.5 25.5 35 25 35 20 28 20 28
Theory feeding capacity(m3/h) 3 6 20 27 68 90 75 105 108 126 154 192
Rated feed ability(m3/h) 2 4 15 20 60 80 70 90 98 110 132 160
motor power(kw) 0.75 0.75 1.5 2.2 3 4 4 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 7.5
Reducer Model BW1 BW2 BW2 BW3 BW4 BW5
Max material size(mm) 30 45 50 60 75 110