Large inclination belt conveyor

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Introduction to large inclination belt conveyor:

Large inclination belt conveyor, also known as wavy edge retaining belt conveyor, is a new type of large angle continuous conveying equipment, which has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, less space occupation and so on.

Large inclination belt conveyor has strong universality and wide application range. It is mainly used to transport bulk materials such as pulverized coal, limestone, casting sand, etc; The working environment temperature of large inclination belt conveyor is - 15 ℃ - + 40 ℃, the conveying stacking specific gravity is 0.5-2.5t/m3, and the conveying inclination can reach 0 - 90 °.

Features of large inclination belt conveyor:

  1. Large conveying inclination can save floor area and have high comprehensive economic benefits.
  2. Simple structure,
  3. Reliable operation,
  4. Stable operation and low noise.
  5. Low energy consumption
  6. The large inclination belt conveyor can also be in the horizontal conveying section of any length at the head and tail to facilitate connection with other equipment.

Working principle of large inclination belt conveyor:

The large inclination belt conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment that uses the conveyor belt as the traction and bearing component to transport materials through the movement of the conveyor belt carrying materials. The conveyor belt forms a carrier ring belt around the transmission drum and the tail drum. The upper and lower conveyor belts are supported by the idler to limit the deflection and sag of the conveyor belt. The tensioning device provides the tension required for the normal operation of the conveyor belt. During operation, the driving device drives the transmission drum, drives the conveyor belt through the friction between the transmission drum and the conveyor belt, and the materials are installed on the conveyor belt and move together with the conveyor belt.

Structure and function of large inclination belt conveyor:


  1. Corrugated edge retaining conveyor belt: it plays the role of traction and bearing in the conveyor. The corrugated baffle, diaphragm and baseband form a "gate" descriptor for conveying materials, so as to realize large inclination conveying.
  2. Transmission drum: it is the main component of power transmission. The conveyor belt runs by the friction between it and the transmission drum. This series of transmission rollers can be divided into rubber surface and smooth surface. The rubber surface roller is to increase the adhesion between the roller and the conveyor belt.
  3. Reversing roller: used to change the running direction of conveyor belt. The reversing roller is used for the lower surface of the conveyor belt (non bearing surface).
  4. Belt pressing wheel: used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt. The belt pressing wheel is used for the upper surface (bearing surface) of the conveyor belt.
  5. Idler: the idler is used to support the conveyor belt and the materials on the belt and make it run stably. This series has two types: upper parallel idler and lower flat idler.
  6. Belt roller: the belt roller is used to support the lower branch of the conveyor belt on the convex arc section frame, which is supported on the empty edges on both sides of the edge retaining conveyor belt.
  7. Vertical roller: the vertical roller is used to limit the deviation of the conveyor belt and is installed on the frames of the upper and lower transition sections.
  8. Beating wheel cleaning device: it is used to beat the back of the conveyor belt and shake down the materials stuck on the conveyor belt.
  9. Tensioning device:

(1). Make the conveyor belt have enough tension to ensure that there is no slip between the conveyor belt and the transmission drum.

(2). Limit the sag of the conveyor belt between supports to make the conveyor operate normally. This series adopts screw tensioning device.

  1. Other parts: such as frame, head funnel, head shield, guide chute, intermediate frame, intermediate frame legs, etc., play the role of support, dust prevention and material guide in the conveyor.

Application scope of large inclination belt conveyor:

Large inclination belt conveyor is widely used in coal, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, ore, sand, chemical fertilizer, electric power and other departments; Special conveyor belt shall be used for conveying materials with special requirements, such as high temperature, materials with acid, alkali, oil substances or organic solvents.

Ordering instructions for large inclination belt conveyor:

When ordering, the following technical parameters shall be indicated: belt speed, bandwidth, conveying distance, conveying capacity, inclination angle, material characteristics, working environment, etc.